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Piling Contractors in Qatar

Piling Contractors in Qatar
Contractors Undertaking The Work Of Piling - A Type Of Ground Treatment Which Is Driving A Pile Into The Ground Below Ground Level. Except Sheet Pile, Other Piles Like Concrete Pile, Timber Pile, Steel Pile, Bored Pile Are Used To Transfer The Building Load To The Ground. It Is Used To Strengthen The Soil So That The Ground Able To Support The Load Of The Building. 

Top 10 Companies in Piling Contractors

Al Maram International

Al Tanveer Int'l Trdg & Contg Co Wll

Ammico Contracting Co Wll

Ashoum Trading & Contracting

Dutch Foundation Co ( Qatar ) Wll

Navayuga Engineering Co Wll

Qatar Reinforcement Co Wll

Sany Heavy Industry Qatar Wll

Simplex Infrastructures Ltd

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Uniform Manufacturers & Suppliers in Qatar

Uniform Manufacturers & Suppliers in QatarA Uniform Is Worn By Members Of An Organization While Participating In That Organization's Activity. Uniforms Are Worn By Armed Forces And Paramilitary Organizations Such As Police, Emergency Services, Security Guards, Schools, By Inmates In Prisons And Laboratory Coats In Some Workplaces. The Uniform Suppliers Generally Cater To Different Type Of Uniforms From Schools To Various Industries In Qatar. 

Top 10 Companies in Uniform Manufacturers & Suppliers

A Top Uniforms

Al Lateef Trading & Contracting Wll

Al Misk Tailors

Anis Al Said Trading Company

Bolts & Tools Center Llc

Collage Advertising

Decent Uniform Works

Designers Textile Tailoring & Trading Co Wll

Designers Textiles Tailoring & Trading Co Wll

Doha Technology Trading

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Fasteners in Qatar

Fasteners in QatarA Fastener Is A Hardware Device That Mechanically Joins Or Affixes Two Or More Objects Together. Fasteners Can Also Be Used To Close A Container Such As A Bag, A Box, Or An Envelope; Or They May Involve Keeping Together The Sides Of An Opening Of Flexible Material, Attaching A Lid To A Container, Etc. There Are Also Special-purpose Closing Devices, E.g. A Bread Clip. Fasteners Used In These Manners Are Often Temporary, In That They May Be Fastened And Unfastened Repeatedly. 

Top 10 Companies in Fasteners

A A Engineering Services

Able Group Wll

Adastra Wll

Aiwa Trading Maintenance & Contg Wll

Al Dana Technical Services & Engineering Wll

Al Jabal Trading & Contg Est

Al Jaber Int'l Technical Trdg

Al Khawarizmi Contracting & Trading Est

Al Mersad Est

Al Mousawi Building Materials

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Towing - Marine in Qatar

Towing - Marine in QatarTowing capacity, sometimes called maximum towing capacity, is the maximum allowable weight that a vehicle can tow. Towing capacity is specified by the vehicle manufacturer and can usually be found in the owner's manual.

Top 10 Companies in Towing - Marine

Tidewater Marine Int'l Inc

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Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Qatar

Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in QatarVinyl Floor Tiles And Sheet Flooring And Versions Of Those Products Are Composed Of Colored Polyvinyl Chloride (pvc) Chips Formed Into Solid Sheets Of Varying Thicknesses By Heat And Pressure.

Top 10 Companies in Vinyl Flooring Suppliers

Al Andalus International For Building Materials

B & B Trading & Contracting Wll

Best In Globe Trading & Contracting Wll

Cigale Trading & Contracting Wll


Doha Floors Wll

Electra - Al Shaghairi Trading & Contracting Co Wll (engineering Div)

Jassco Furnishings Wll

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Louver Suppliers in Qatar

Louver Suppliers in Qatar
Each Of A Set Of Angled Slats Or Flat Strips Fixed Or Hung At Regular Intervals In A Door, Shutter, Or Screen To Allow Air Or Light To Pass Through. A Domed Structure On A Roof, With Side Openings For Ventilation.

Top 10 Companies in Louver Suppliers

Amazon Electrical & General Trading Co Wll

Associated Technical Trading Wll

Central Ventilation Systems

Doha Climate Control Wll

Duct Ventilation Air Conditioning Co Wll

East West Trading Int'l

Every Thing Ducting Trading & Contracting

Excel Air Electromechanical Wll

Khalid Manufacturing Co ( Kmc ) Wll

Marine Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Co ( Marc )

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Hospital Landscape Designers in Qatar

Hospital Landscape Designers in QatarLandscape Design Is An Independent Profession And A Design And Art Tradition, Practised By Landscape Designers, Combining Nature And Culture.

Top 10 Companies in Hospital Landscape Designers

Rad ( Russell Associates Design )

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