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Traffic Monitoring, Control & Safety Equipment in Qatar

Traffic Monitoring, Control & Safety Equipment in Qatar

Road traffic control involves directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic around a construction zone, accident or other road disruption, thus ensuring the safety of emergency response teams, construction workers and the general public. Traffic control also includes the use of CCTV and other means of monitoring traffic by local.

How to avoid traffic?

Management of the event involves monitoring and closing all intersections, Stop/Slow to work traffic streams through partially closed intersections, and detours. The amount of signage required can be staggering, needing some hours to put in place. Normally a single two-person crew with one ute is sufficient for most jobs.

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Top 10 Companies in Traffic Monitoring, Control & Safety Equipment

Al Ansari Global Services Wll

Eshhar Security Services Wll

Spectrum Industries

Qatar directory (online) have more than 4 companies details for your reference. Please visit here


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