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Coatings - Protective products in Doha Qatar

Protective Or Industrial Coating Is A Covering That Is Applied To The Surface Of An Object, Usually Referred To As The Substrate. In Many Cases Coatings Are Applied To Improve Surface Properties Of The Substrate, Such As Appearance, Adhesion, Wetability, Corrosion Resistance, Wear Resistance, And Scratch Resistance. Find The List Of Industrial And Protective Coating Suppliers And Companies In Doha, Qatar.

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Top 10 Companies in Coatings - Protective

Al Tayeb Water Technology Wll

Dealing with the following brands: Al Tayeb Water Technology, Ariston, Birco, Charlotte, Dallmer, Denso, Durapipe, Idral, Iwat, Mediclinics, Mert Dokum, Rada, Rehau, Supreme, Temak

Bright Way International Wll

Dealing with the following brands: 3m, Abro, American Dolphin, Araldite, Asmaco, Band - It, Black & Decker, Bosch, Britool, Crc, Cst Berger, Cyclo, Dewalt, Dickies, Draper, Dremel, Eclipse, Elora, Fevicol, Force, Hempel, Hitachi, Irwin, Jotun, Kapriol, Loctite, Loto Master, Murex, National, Pegler, Prime Captain, Rigid, Sanwa, Snap On, Stanley, Tuff, Victor

Multicon Trading & Contracting Co Wll

Dealing with the following brands: Al Fanar, Assan Panels, Bobcat, Canasafe, Caterpillar, Frater, Honeywell, Jcb, Kings, Kings ( Honeywell ), Oliver, Otter, Star Adhesives & Resins Factory

East West Trading Int'l

Dealing with the following brands: 3m, Abahsin Cope, Adalet, Airco Fin, Ametek, Appleton, Atx, Balseal Engineering, Brady, Burndy, Cantex, Carlon - Lamson & Sessions, Chalmit, Cooper, Cooper B - Line, Cooper Bussmann, Della Foglia Srl, Dembla, Elastimold, Emergency Systems Inc, Freudenberg, Friatec, Galli & Cassina, Ge, Gray Bar, Grayloc, Greenlee, Harger, Hawke International, Hubbell, Ideal, International Metal Hose, Isotech, James Walker Townson, Jessberger Gmbh, Killark, Kingsmill, Korosi Specindo, Larox, Legrand, Leser, Megger, Milbank, Nelson, Nissad, O - Z Gedney, Pe - Pipeline Engineering, Penn - Union Corp, Polyguard, Polyguard Inc, Primax Sykes, Raco, Rembe Gmbh, Ritag, Rtk Engineering, Samjin, Sappco, Sbi Connector, Scandura, Smc, Spriano Mecrela, Sri, Ssp, Sti, Sure Fittings Inc, Thomas & Betts, Tyco, Valvosider, Virgo Valves & Controls Ltd, Wallis, Weidmuller, Wheatland Tube Co, White Safety Line, Wouter Witzel

Hitech Projects Trading & Contracting Wll

Dealing with the following brands: Advanced Coating System, Hitech Projects, Nukote Coating Systems Intl Llc, Voelkel Industrie Produkte

Qatar Insulation Company

Dealing with the following brands: Aerolam, Armacell, Armaflex, Fevicol, Gulf Cool Therm, Hysil, Jersey Tapes, Kimmco, Morgan, Rockwool

Jnp Trading Qatar Wll

Dealing with the following brands: Avery Dennison, Hp, Karbosan, Kme, Master, National Paints, Scorpion, Stream

Parex Qatar

Dealing with the following brands: Lanko 101 Parenduit, Lanko 110 Lankoskim, Lanko 113 Skimcoat, Lanko 173 Levelcrete, Lanko 222 Fugeant, Lanko 224 Ertobloc, Lanko 226 Ertoflex, Lanko 228 Lankolastic, Lanko 238 Hydroresist, Lanko 243 Durcichape, Lanko 701 Clavex, Lanko 701 Mc, Lanko 701 Mcs, Lanko 702 Durabed, Lanko 712 Rapidex, Lanko 731 Repair Mortar, Lanko 732 Rep Facade, Lanko 735 Pile Rep, Lanko 751 Latex, Lanko 752 Bondit, Lanko 753 Acrylic Additive, Lanko 783, Lanko Black 201, Lanko Black 212, Lanko Black Fluid 212, Lanko Black Sbs 1000, Lanko Black Vernis 211, Lanko Bond Plus Mortar, Lanko Carboshield, Lanko Cg60, Lanko Coat Epoxy Dw 401, Lanko Coat Pur Bt, Lanko Colorgrout, Lanko Colorgrout+, Lanko Ea / Eg, Lanko Ep Bond, Lanko Ep Grout, Lanko Ep Putty, Lanko Ep Sl, Lanko Fine Bedding Concrete, Lanko Floor Bond, Lanko Floor Screed, Lanko Florcoat Ep, Lanko Florprime Ep, Lanko Florrepair C, Lanko Florscreed C, Lanko Florscreed Ep, Lanko Florthane Sf, Lanko Granatech, Lanko K10 Dampflex, Lanko K10 Green Sheet R, Lanko K10 Grs 2000 Sf, Lanko K10 Matryx, Lanko K10 Polyurethane Plus, Lanko K10 Solartac, Lanko K10 Sovacryl, Lanko K11 Cpa, Lanko K11 Crg, Lanko K11 Crp, Lanko K11 Cwa, Lanko K11 Flex, Lanko Monodecor Gt, Lanko Pp-1, Lanko Prc-1, Lanko Prc-2, Lanko Proliflex Hp 572, Lanko Sac 28, Lanko Sac 28+, Lanko Sk Fastorch, Lanko Skimcoat, Lanko Sks Fastorch, Lanko Steel Levelcrete, Lanko Tb-f, Lanko Tb-f+, Lanko Tb-f+g, Lanko Tilebond, Lanko Ttb, Lanko Ttb+

Petrogold & Associates Trad & Cont

Dealing with the following brands: Petrogold

Technoworld Trading & Contracting Wll

Dealing with the following brands: Caterpillar, Esab, Gamrat, Graco, Heli, Hempel, Hyundai, International, Komatsu, Polycab, Sika, Technoworld, Totem

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